Black Lives Matter



Rev. Nibs Stroupe

Notes from Nibs

Oakhurst Presbyterian is a diverse congregation--diverse in race, age, sexual orientation, education, and economic status. Oakhurst has become a community that truly celebrates difference. Through God's gracious gifts of genuine dialogue, mutual understanding, and acceptance of one another, we go out into the world to proclaim a whole new reality centered in God's revelation to us in Jesus Christ.

Rev. Brady Radford

Brady's Notes

* Sunday - Dec 7th *

We give thanks for Pastor Brady Radford's first year with us as Associate Pastor! We give thanks to God for bringing him to us! We will celebrate him and his ministry briefly in worship today, and we will have a reception for him, Celestine, Aniyah and Brayden after worship, December 7, 2014 in the Fellowship Hall. Plan to thank them for their ministry with us! We thank Jennifer Green for coordinating the celebration.


Have your photo taken for the revised directory after worship


"Talk and listen" session on the recent grand jury decisions after worship this Sunday at 1:15 PM in the Friendmakers Class

Special Events & Advent Activities

Sunday - Dec 14th

Chancel Choir Advent Music in Worship

Christmas Dinner – 5:30 PM

Christmas Pageant – 7 PM

Sunday - Dec 21th

Lessons and Carols in Worship

Wednesday - Dec 24th

Christmas Eve Worship – 5:30 PM

Sunday - Dec 28th

Kwanzaa Observance in Worship ..