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Nibs Stroupe's new book of sermons is now available at the church or from the publisher.  It is available in two forms: a shorter book with only Nibs' sermons and a longer book in a lectionary cycle that includes sermons by other pastors.  It will be published by CSS Publishing Company.

The following books have been written about Oakhurst. If they are purchased at the church, the proceeds go to help families in need through the Pastor’s Fund. The books are also available on Amazon.com or from the publishers.

While We Run This Race:
Confronting the Power of Racism in a Southern Church

By Nibs Stroupe and Inez Fleming|
(Orbis Books, 1995) ISBN 1-57075-000-9


O Lord, Hold Our Hands:
How a Church Thrives in a Multicultural World
By Nibs Stroupe and Caroline Leach
(Westminister/John Knoox Press, 2003) ISBN 0-664-22698-1


Where Once We Feared Enemies:
Inclusive Membership, Prophetic Vision, and The American Church
By Nibs Stroupe and edited by Chris Boesel
(CSS Press, 2005) ISBN 0-7880-2351-9 


The Gospel of Diversity
Time Magazine published an article about Oakhurst Presbyterian Church in 1995.
“The Gospel of Diversity”
By Christopher John Farley
Time - April 24, 1995.