We offer many opportunities for our children every Sunday (during the school year). Here is an online walk-through about opportunities for our children on Sunday mornings at Oakhurst Presbyterian. Click here:  Sunday Mornings at Oakhurst


Sunday School (all ages) at 10 am during school year.

No Sunday School, beginning June 1, 2014.



----------------- CHILDREN & YOUTH -----------------

* Nursery *

(Infant to 2-Year Olds)




* Pre-K Class *

* Grades K-5 *


* Youth *

Middle & High School


----------------------- ADULTS -----------------------

A diverse group of adults who gather to learn about topics that range from Biblical studies to black history to contemporary issues. The format is presentations mixed with discussions. During 2012, for example, we studied a selection of writings by Howard Thurman, the impact of Ida B. Wells and other civil rights leaders, the meaning of the crucifixion, how the Mexican-American border developed, and the gospel of Mark. All are welcome; classes are planned so that people can attend whenever their personal availability allows. 


100 CLUB
Friends of Parents and Parents

A gathering of people at Oakhurst who are somehow involved in the lives of the 100+ kids connected to our church, whether you're a parent, friend, aunt, uncle, teacher, or mentor. Our group is laid back; many of us run late due to toddler or teenager (or parent?) meltdowns, and that's fine. Some come every Sunday; some come occasional Sundays, and that's fine too. Come when you can, and we hope you'll feel a bit of a boost and love and support as you go through the journey of parenthood, teaching, mentoring, or other ways you're involved in kids' lives.

A Bible study for all adults, not just 70 year-olds! In class we pray, discuss scripture and are guided by “The Present Word”, which focuses on Bible passages with a central theme  (“Faith,” “Justice”, “Politics”, etc).
We liken ourselves to the 70 that Jesus sent ahead of him: Christ (through Scripture) calls us and sends us out into the world to proclaim the good news.